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The  individual  marketplace  has  many  alternative  plan  options  and  you  may  qualify  for  a  government subsidy that could reduce premiums.

Simply Senior Solutions is a recognized leader in providing group-to-individual exchange services to thousands of employers, employees and individuals nationwide.  Simply Senior Solutions is a trusted resource that can help you make sense of your coverage options. These are experienced licensed Benefit Advisors who can:

  • Help you find the right plan at the right price
  • Compare your current group health plan to individual insurance options
  • Research whether your doctors participate in the plans you are considering
  • Research whether your drugs are covered under the plan you are considering
  • Explore, compare and enroll into many types of insurance options

You are not obligated to enroll in an Individual Insurance plan with Simply Senior Solutions. However, we are confident Simply Senior Solutions can provide education to you on comparing individual marketplace coverage with leading Health Insurance companies that could result into lower premiums. By taking advantage of Simply Senior Solutions’ services, you will learn about the best options available to you and your dependents and  should  provide  peace  of  mind  that  you  are  getting  the  coverage  you  and  your  family  need  at  an affordable price. If you are interested in exploring your individual health insurance options, please feel free to call our dedicated Toll-Free number 888-753-3390 to connect with a Licensed Benefit Advisor. To view available options go to the following website address: www.simplyseniorsolutions.com.

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